This blog/site was inspired by Maggie Mason's Mighty List.  You should check her out at  Very cool.

I realized after writing my mighty list that I am a host of contradictions.  Spend less/buy this.  Spend time in quiet/listen to more music.  Do nice things/paint my nails black. Ok, so that one was just an odd fancy I had to bring the list total up to 100.  After all, it's hard to think of 100 things, and I've never worn black polish before.  It seems a shame to miss out on something so simple.

Next on the list I'm reading "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis and "If God is Love" by Gulley and Mulholland.  Since I grew up Christian, it seemed wrong to cop out and read some Bible verses.  I'm intruiged by Gulley and Mulholland- they write about grace and their belief in absolute grace (everyone ultimately saved).  So far it's a good read.

Tomorrow: start the day by flossing and doing yoga.

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