I'm a big fan of the Mighty Life List.  Here's mine:

1.       Identify every country and its capital on a blank world map
2.       Introduce two people who fall in love
3.       Recite a poem (no 3 liners!)
4.       Read all of the background literature to understand a Cynthia Ozick Lit Crit essay
5.       Tour Scandinavia on a cruise
6.       Spend a month out of the US
7.       Own a pair of shoes that cost more than $200
8.       Bowl a 240 game
9.       Visit every state in the US (Remaining: Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, )
10.   Complete a 7 day silent retreat
11.   Write a short story
12.   Make 5 delicious mixed drinks (1. Bees knees)
13.   Get a tattoo
14.   Hold a basic conversation in another language
15.   Run a half marathon
16.   Buy a car outright
17.   Own a home
18.   Give $100 to a needy person
19.   See the northern lights
20.   Meet a president
21.   Make home-made jam or jelly
22.   Get a dog
23.   Omit all fast food for 3 months
24.   Find a religious community
25.   Spend a month without spending money
26.   Watch the Godfather series
27.   Own a pair of red shoes
28.   Send thank you cards to my favorite teachers
29.   Publish a book
30.   Write a grant for more than $100,000
31.   Make an album with all of my students thank-you notes and cards
32.   Send my mom a sweet letter every day for a week
33.   Visit Stonehenge and Carhenge in the same year
34.   Jump rope 300 times without stopping
35.   Make yoga a daily habit for a year
36.   Reduce my storage “stuff” to 3 boxes
37.   Read a major work in all of the religious traditions
38.   Understand tennis
39.   Go on a week-long road trip without any plans
40.   Make a piece of pottery
41.   Sew a skirt
42.   Compliment a stranger every day for a month
43.   Learn basic chemistry
44.   Keep a reading journal of 100 books
45.   Become a tea drinker
46.   Learn to knit
47.   Visit an ashram
48.   Write a historical essay
49.   Hike in Colorado
50.   Go sailing
51.   Make snow angels as an adult
52.   Make a picture show of the tree outside changing colors over the course of a year
53.   Remodel a house
54.   Plant and harvest a garden
55.   Grow a herb garden
56.   Finish a New York Times crossword puzzle
57.   Ride a bike in Spain
58.   Visit the Alhambra
59.   Feed a goat
60.   Take a day of rest every week for a year
61.   Use all homemade cleaning products
62.   Swim in the ocean
63.   Knit a sweater
64.   Start a book club
65.   Learn to dance
66.   Learn to make gluten-free bread
67.   Learn to play a new instrument
68.   Learn to say “no” kindly and effectively
69.   Eat toasted marshmallows in the dead of winter
70.   Make a major purchase for the women’s shelter
71.   Spend a weekend watching foreign films
72.   Keep a list of nice things that people say to me and dwell on it incessantly
73.   Crochet a bedspread
74.   Establish a regular meditation/prayer routine
75.   Make a point of listening to a broader range of music
76.   Paint my fingernails and toenails black
77.   Visit Paris
78.   Become a companion for an elderly person
79.   Volunteer to read for the blind
80.   Go to a book festival
81.   Buy and master the hula hoop
82.   Figure out where the Roman Empire went wrong
83.   Fly a kite
84.   Make a list of things that inspire me
85.   Floss every day for a year
86.   Buy something from ebay
87.   Do something so kind for a friend that they cry
88.   Host a Midsummer’s Day party
89.   View the planets through a telescope
90.   Create an annual “Me Day”
91.   Become a full professor
92.   Learn to sing the folk songs recorded by my great grandmother
93.   Write my family genealogy
94.   Learn calculus
95.   Make a list of 5 people that anger me and forgive them for good
96.   Make peace with my body
97.   Learn to cook a turkey
98.   Learn to juggle
99.   Plant a tree
100.   Eat seafood fresh from the ocean